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RIP Cartoon Network

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Rest in Peace

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon and my Internet is down. My mind is telling me to reach for a book, but my body says “Hey man. Let me rest. Why don’t we just press these little buttons on this remote right next to us?” – so the channel surfing begins. After 10 minutes of flipping channels, I find Cartoon Network; or the ghost of Cartoon Network, from what I could gather.  Cartoon Network was dead, I sadly realized. Much sorrow and sympathy goes out to my little nephew and niece who will never know how awesome Cartoon Network used to be.  To honour the dead, in no particular order, here are my favourite Cartoon Network shows. Remember them?

(Click on the show for opening credits and intros)

SWAT Kats: The Radical SquardonWhether you are a girl or a boy, T-Bone and Razor had you hooked. I loved this action packed series about crime fighting CATS.  I might even had a crush on T-Bone as a kid. I’ll never tell.

Dexter’s Laboratory Stuck between Dee Dee’s dance and Mandark’s evil laugh, no wonder Dexter had to keep running to his secret lab for solace. Even though most his inventions got him into a world of trouble, Dexter just kept on building them. Respect.

Ed, Edd n EddyStoners 101 for kids, that’s what best describes the Ed, Edd n Eddy show. Its an important show for kids. It teaches them how much fun destructive getting high can be.

Courage the Cowardly DogNothing freaked me out more than this show as a kid. A cowardly dog, a desolate location, and above all, a host of creepy villains. And the creepiest of them all? Freaky Fred. Shudder now, kids.

The FlintstonesFlintstones changed the way I looked at things. I would look at a vaccum cleaner and wished it was a mini mastodon instead. Modern life can be so banal.

Extreme Ghostbusters Not many people liked it, but I loved the short-lived Extreme Ghostbusters. Yea, yea, they weren’t the original Ghostbusters, but they still had some interesting storylines and characters. Also, I’m saying this only because I am a sucker for anything supernatural.

The Real Adventure of Jonny Quest Forget their mysteries, exotic locales and even their virtual reality of Quest World. Jonny had me at the get go – with the kick ass opening credits.

The MaskThe thought of masking oneself and indulging in every wild and deviant dream imaginable is an appealing idea. Maybe that’s why I like this show so much. Fuck being repressed; you have got to unleash your wild side from time to time!

The Little Lulu ShowI wanted to be the smart talking-panty showing-stand up comedian that Little Lulu was. Which girl didn’t? She was witty, intelligent, and above all, normal, which is a rare thing to find in cartoons.

The New Addams FamilyThere is no other word perfect enough to describe this family apart from macabre. Eccentric, creepy, dramatic and aberrant – yes, but we keep coming back to macabre. The weirder the family got, the more tightly they stuck together, which gave hope to all those weird little kids out there, including me. (On a side note, does anyone else think Morticia was a total hottie for someone so pale and cold?)

Tom & JerryStalwarts of cartoons, bow to the violent duo who can do no wrong (except maybe for that disaster called the Tom & Jerry kids). Decades after decades, Tom and Jerry has been entertaining kids with their shenanigans and it seems it is one of the shows that will last for generations to come in spite of Cartoon Network’s apparent demise. They are an institution. I love them. And if you are wondering, I always root for poor Tom.

Top Cat I lied. It’s true that this list is in no particular order, but that stops here. Top Cat is my all time favourite cartoon show. Why? Because of TC, yo.  A jazzy street smart-smooth talker- petty crook of a cat he was. His entourage not only had colourful characters, but colourful furs as well. Top Cat was the ultimate leader. Take lessons from him, kids. Trust his wisdom.

Honourable Mentions:

Captain Planet and the Planeteers Captain Planet was sort of lame, but the rings were cool, no?
I Am Weasel
The show should have been named IR Baboon
The Powerpuff Girls
One Word – Mojo Jojo
Johnny Bravo
A show that will make the Jersey Shore guys doubt their himbo status.
Touché Turtle and Dum Dum
I liked it primarily because it had a monster fighting turtle, brandishing a sword and yelling “Touché Away!”. 
The Scooby Doo Show
Jinkies! Those are some damn predictable plots! But Shaggy was kind of cute…
Look at all the stars in this show! Mutley! Scooby! Yogi! Snagglepuss!
Antithesis to the Flintstones, the space age Jetsons made us believe that by now we all would be living in the sky and flying space ships everywhere. Oh, how they lied.
Yogi Bear
He is smarter than the average bear. And he had this great Christmas special called Yogi’s First Christmas which Cartoon Network would show every year.  Christmas ain’t the same without it.

Maybe I am old and I can’t relate to the new generation; but that can’t be right since I love Scooby Doo and Top Cat, and they are definitely not cartoons from the 90s. So, younger generations, you suck – purely because Cartoon Network didn’t give you a chance with their current annoying line up of shows. As for the older generations, we are pretty cool, right? Also did I miss any awesomely awesome shows on my list? Let me know in the comments section below!


34 thoughts on “RIP Cartoon Network

  1. I’d peg you for a Mojo Jojo fan, cause the girls, though cute, got annoying sometimes. As for Cartoon Network, my nephew watches something called Ben 10, and frankly, its just noise.

  2. I was actually doing a hashtag called #MissMyToons just yesterday . U named them all . Seriously miss them . And i’m sure we all also miss the Looney Tunes Show especially daffy and Bugs Bunny !! RIP our favorite TV destination for decades – Cartoon Network !!

  3. Good job … I reaallyyy loved reading it … I’m frm da 90’s and i hve seen alll da shows and u culd say 2000 and ahead kids dint enjoy Cartoon Network as we did too … All in all awesome memories of Watching Cartoon .. Oh how i used to love watching Adams Family and Flinstone … (Memories) 🙂

  4. Thanks guys! It was really difficult to pick my favourite toons, there are so many great ones! As for Looney Toons, I guess I have to make a separate section for Bugs, Daffy, Roadrunner, Coyote and the gang. Maybe another section for Nick toons cause I had forgotten how awesome CatDog and Hey! Arnold were!

  5. its just sad that you dont remember the awesomeness that was the sky commandos. gi joe and the centurions *power x-treme treme treme treme*

    good times.

  6. @ibanezrudi, Ah yes, the centurions. Never got into that too much, although I believe that was the ultimate macho cartoon, no?
    @ayushi, Hey! So sweet of you to drop by :p and yes, Lulu rocked ze boat. Hard.
    Thanks for reading this, everyone. It’s good to see others on the same nostalgia trip as me! 😀

  7. This was a fun & nostalgic read Vijayeta! Thanks for reminding me of the good ol’ days wherein life revolved around show timings of Captain planet, Lulu, Heidi, Tom & Jerry…(sigh!) 😀 😀
    Maybe this weekend should be dedicated to a re-run of Tom & Jerry episodes :p
    Thanks a ton!

  8. POPEYE!!
    The sailor man mustn’t go unremembered.
    After all, he wore his muscles out trying to teach us to be eco-friendly and organic with regular and very graphical spinach intakes (though the spinach came in metallic tins – but thats fine).

    I remember getting up early in the mornings when I was at my grandparents’ place for vacations, to watch the 6:00 am Popeye show.

  9. Ninja Robots!! You can’t forget Ninja Robots.
    Centurions, He-man ( some kind of hanna barbera version, can’t remember the name). And eventhough its not that old, you gotta have Samurai jack on that list!

  10. hey!! i was bored nd jst surfin in d net….. came across ur blog… nd dis jst made ma day… 😀 ….. childhood memoriess.. awesomeness… tnx 4 helpin me recollect dos memories.. (keep ryting.. u r gud @ it.)

  11. Toonami was the only thing i watched on CN religiously. other then that i watched the old toons CN use to show that now show on boomerang. i do watch adult swim when there is anime showing. whats up with all the live action BS, those are not toons.

  12. I remember growing up with the classics, with my favorite being Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends. Nowadays, Cartoon Network has become a horder of bad anime dubs, and reality t.v shows. I swaer everything went to hell with Outa Jimmy’s head, the first live-acton T.V. show Cartoon Network aired. Even as a seven year old, i remember hateing it. Now what was Cartoon Network is now sparing it’s former name shame by calling itself CN. Hopfuly CN will become worth while again, and can call itslef Cartoon Network once again.

  13. Hi Vi
    Thanks for posting golden blog about classic cartoon network. I had no brother or sister until 6 years, i passed my childhood in front of cartoon network. At that time i enjoyed these shows immensely. With innocence i was imagined to consider myself as a cartoon and enter in their world. The classic shows I remember is “Toon Tamasha” , “Classic Toonami(cardcaptors, my favorite Dragonballz. and so on) and all of the above you posted. Things were very silent and peaceful. But now my life has changed significantly. I just want my time back. That’s why I reach to this site.
    Thanks again.

  14. good job for doing the post :-bd
    R.I.P for the old cartoons they were the best ever:(( the new ones are just crap..or an idiotic excuse for a cartoon with 2 exceptions Young Justice and Thundercats .
    My favorite ones are Dastardly and Mutley , Justice League , Batman Beyond and Top Cat….very sad they will never reappear :((

  15. Oh me oh my. You are all missing so many shows from our childhoods. Im gunna post this image link here and show you my collection of what I have hunted down thus far. Am currently acquiring Camp Candy to add to it as well. Very proud of this collection

  16. wilie coyote,popeye,wallygator,magilla gorilla,speed racer these were some shows i enjoyed too.and also i was and will be an ardent fan of toonami.there are a lot more shows besides these that i would surely miss.pray for cartoon network folks and they might just be answered and get back those golden days.

  17. Whoever posted this, get your head out of your ass and stop crucifying my generation. Ok, so we don’t have all those awesome cartoons that you guys had, but now we can simply watch them on re-runs instead of having to wait every damn week just to catch a new episode. It’s always been like this, every generation hating on the one that came after them, behaving like 2-year olds and acting oh-so superior. I know I have offended you, but I don’t care. Old timers, stop living in a time warp, get over yourselves and just deal with the fact that your time has passed.

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