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Oh, the Horror! – Part II

Horror fix for your every dark, gory and wicked needs

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I’m not a horror aficionado. I’m just a girl who giggles with glee at the prospect of watching horror movies. Here is the second part of my list of favourite cinematic trick ‘n’ treats. For the first part, click here – Oh, the Horror! Part I


Horror-comedy, as a genre, is aberrant, and it really shouldn’t work. Yet, every now and then one glorious blood-splattered fluke comes along and makes us shudder and giggle.

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Shaun of the Dead

Shaun of the Dead (2004)  Horror movies are not generally known for their smartly written scripts. Shaun of the Dead is an exception to this rule. The Simon Pegg starrer is a hilarious bloodbath about a dysfunctional man trying to fend off a zombie apocalypse with help of his equally dysfunctional friends. The uniqueness of Shaun of the Dead is that it has done what no other zombie movie has ever attempted – given us a definite happy ending.

Evil Dead III: Army of Darkness (1992)  Ah, Ash, he is the man, with a chainsaw attached to his hand. The Evil Dead series always had an undercurrent of comedy, but the last installment, Army of Darkness, took it to the hilt. Army of Darkness took a turn from the morbid humour of the previous two films and went straight for slapstick comedy. In this film, Bruce Campbell’s iconic character is transported to the Middle Ages where he must fight evil souls and make his way back to the present. It is quite the horrific lame ride.

An American Werewolf in London (1981)  One of the greatest werewolves movie to be ever made, An American Werewolf in London, straddles the line between campy and witty with great ease. It is easy to understand why the transformation scene where the protagonist turns from a charming young man into a feral furry beast is stuff of horror classics. It is savage and real, something which cannot be achieved by Hollywood special effects of today.


Odd and quaint, these are not the adjectives I would use to describe these movies. Freaky? HELL YES!

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Deadgirl (2008) – Deadgirl is a bizarre story about two high school boys stumbling upon a naked undead girl, all chained up, in an abandoned mental hospital. The boys face a grave quandary. To stab the undead girl or to rape the undead girl? The boys solve the problem by doing both. However, raping zombie girls can never bear any good consequences. Watch this movie only if you feel like taking a trip down the psychologically sick lane.

The Human Centipede (2010) A German doctor surgically sews three hostages mouth to anal. I have nothing more to add, except – FREAK-FUCKING-Y.

Salo/120 Days of Sodom (1975) Adapted from the works of Marquis de Sade, 120 Days of Sodom is set in 1944 Fascist Italy. The film might have been envisioned as a graphic commentary on power and corruption, but, all it does is show every possible depraved act of sadism and violence. 120 Days of Sodom centers around a few powerful men who capture young boys and girls and subject them to unspeakable torture; torture which might considered too impolite to be mentioned here! Power corrupts, and how.


Less sexy than vampires and less powerful than werewolves, Zombies are definitely the brain-dead hillbilly cousin of the supernatural folks. 

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Dawn of the Dead

Dawn of the Dead (1978) Universal truthsa) George A Romero is a genius and b) shopping malls are only fun when you are trapped in it and fighting off disgusting zombies.  Dawn of the Dead can be seen as a social commentary on how societies can crumble when dead people are turned into  chalky-looking flesh-eating zombies; it can also be seen as a fucking-awesome-kickass-bloodbath-epic.

Zombi 2 (1979)  Shark vs Zombie! A shark and a zombie battle royale! An underwater scuffle between a DEAD zombie and a LIVE shark! I cannot stress how exciting and rewarding this film is. The movie will make you shudder, squeal and laugh in equal measure with great scenes involving, say, the impaling of an eye by a splinter. Oh, did I mention something about a shark and a zombie in a little scrimmage? No? Okay, watch it here –

28 Days Later (2002) The word “zombie” is never mentioned in this film. Yet 28 Days Later is very much a zombie movie which singlehandedly revived the genre for the 21st century. Zombie films were never so polished and slick before. The movie deals with a pandemic outbreak which causes human beings to turn into violent creatures and gives us a creepy look at the very deserted streets of London. The treatment of the subject is very realistic, which can be seen in later zombie movies such as REC and even in TV shows such as The Walking Dead. The use of sound as a medium to convey horror over gore is very effective, not to mention downright spooky, thanks to composer John Murphy. Also, I cannot stop listening to this particular ditty from the soundtrack – In the house, In a heartbeat.

Coming soon: Part 3 of  Oh, the Horror! which includes my all time favourite horror flicks + more

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