RIP Layne Staley

Layne Staley, Alice in Chains, Alternative Rock, Alt Rock, Grunge, Metal, Jerry Cantrell

Layne Staley, 1967 – 2002

I seek Alice in Chains when I’m bored. I heed their words when I’m troubled. I lose myself in their music when I’m happy. Alice has and will always be my go-to band. It is highly ridiculous that it is Layne Staley’s 10th death anniversary today. I won’t hear it and I won’t respond to it. I love him, so there.

In no particular order, here’s how my top of the pops Alice playlist looks like –

1. Rotten Apple, Jar of Flies
I’ve written my own part”


2. Would?, Dirt
 “Am I wrong? Have I run too far to get home?


3. God Am,  Alice in Chains 
“This God of mine relaxes. World dies, I still pay taxes


4. Down in a Hole, MTV Unplugged
I like to fly, but my wings have been so denied


5. I Stay Away, Jar of Flies
Tears that soak a callous heart


6. Killer is Me, MTV Unplugged
“So the sun, shines upon me, I’m having fun, killer is me


7. Rain When I Die, Dirt
“Is she ready to know my frustration? What she slippin’ inside, slow castration


8. Frogs, Alice in Chains
What does friend mean to you? A word so wrongfully abused


9. Junkhead, Dirt
What’s my drug of choice? Well, what have you got? I don’t go broke, and I do it a lot


10. Sludge Factory, Alice in Chains
Look in my eyes deep and watch the clouds change with time


11. Bleed the Freak, Facelift
Name your god and bleed the freak


12. Nutshell, Jar of Flies
If I can’t be my own, I’d feel better dead


13. Man in the Box, Facelist
“I’m the man in the box, buried in my own shit” 


14. Angry Chair, Dirt
Weight of my heart, not the size


15. Got Me Wrong, Sap
As of now I bet you’ve got me wrong


16. Rooster, Dirt
Seems every path leads me to nowhere


17. Whale & Wasp, Jar of Flies


18. Confusion, Facelift
Love, sex, pain, confusion, suffering; you’re there crying, I feel not a thing


19. Hate to Feel, Dirt
All this time I swore I’d never be like my old man. What the hey it’s time to face exactly what I am”


20. Shame in You, Alice in Chains
You’re right as rain, but you’re wrong to blame. Agreed my crime’s the same

*Note – I have intentionally not included any songs from Black Gives Way to Blue. Love the album, but I’m sticking to only Layne-era AIC albums for this list.


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